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MN Insurance Pro, featuring local insurance agents and brokers in the Twin Cities metro area.

We’re MN Insurance Professionals

We talk with outstanding insurance agents and brokers in the Twin Cities metro area. We like to find out what makes them tick and how they got started in the insurance industry. Everybody thinks insurance agents are just sales people selling a product. That’s just not true. We go behind the scenes and talk with these professionals to see what their jobs are all about.

We strive to provide information about people, place and purpose. Our organization is committed to our reader experience.

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Our Team

Jim Wilking – Founder

Jim is a long time local small business owner. He founded MN Insurance Pro because he enjoys meeting other local business owners and telling their stories. On any given day you can find Jim meeting with local agents and brokers and asking them questions about their business.

“Building a local community of business owners is a great feeling. It’s fun to help other business owners tell their story. Each business owner has a story of how they started and worked their way to success. It’s interesting to hear how people started their businesses in different ways and what choices they made over time that allowed them to be successful.”

– Jim

Erika Velazquez – Project Coordinator

Erika provides all of the behind the scenes support for MN Insurance Pro. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B.S in Marketing. Among her many responsibilities she edits and proof reads all interviews prior to being published on our site.

“It’s fascinating to hear about how all of these small business owners started their businesses. It makes me truly believe everybody has a calling and can be successful.”

– Erika

MN Insurance Pro is proud to be affiliated with Clean Build Restoration.

Clean Build Restoration is a local restoration contractor based in Eden Prairie, MN that has helped numerous families and businesses across the Twin cities metro area with water damage cleanup. If your basement has been flooded or you’re experiencing water damage from a dishwasher overflow or any other water damage issues please give Clean Build Restoration a call. They will help you.