Catherine Wadell

“We work for you rather than the insurance companies themselves.  This ensures you get the best policy for you and your family.”

Caterine Wade

Midwest Insurance Brokers

Today’s featured insurance broker Catherine Wadell located in Eden Prairie. Catherine is the Owner and Principal Agent of Midwest Insurance Brokers.

She established it with the core principles of helping others and putting clients first, all while bringing the best possible coverage options. With an in-depth background in the insurance industry since 1996, Catherine and her team of licensed insurance professionals continue to live and work by that goal on a daily basis.

Formed in 2006, Midwest Insurance Brokers has been providing families and businesses across Minnesota with specialty insurance solutions designed directly for their needs. Backed by over two decades of expertise, we’re here to protect the important things in your life.

We always strive to earn our client’s  trust, and we do that by always being there for you when they need us the most. That means bringing customized insurance solutions to fit their needs and budget. It means advising them on the best decision to make. And it means guiding them throughout the claims process so they don’t have to deal with it on their own. We’re always here for our clients.

Tell us about yourself Catherine?

I’m a life-long resident of Minnesota. I was born and raised in Alexandria. I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Moorehead with a B.A. in Political Science and minor in Public Administration. I began his insurance career as a life insurance agent at MetLife. 

I met my husband, Mark, while in college. We each served on different committees of the University’s Union board. We were married in 1989 and have three children. My outside interests include golf, snowmobiling, skiing, biking and boating. I’m also a big sports fan and attend many football and basketball games. In the summer my family and I like to spend most of our free time at the cabin.

Catherine, where is your office located?

Our office is located in Eden Prairie, right by Kowalski’s grocery store off of 212.

What did you do before you started working in insurance?

I started right out of college.  After college, he was employed by a local insurance company before forming Midwest Insurance Brokers. I’ve also had experience adjusting claims so I know insurance coverage inside and out. 

How did you learn to differentiate your company from others?

We’re an insurance brokerage, so we’re independant.  AS Brokers represent only our clients. We solicit insurance quotes and  policies from insurers by submitting completed applications on behalf of buyers.  We also can give our clients the widest access to insurance solutions. We don’t just work with one insurance company. We can go into the insurance market to compare plans from any and all insurance companies to find the best fit for their clients and obtain different price quotes.  This often means we have provide a significant cost savings to our clients. 

Now a some questions from our readers: 

I inherited some valuable jewelry.  I worried that if it gets stolen I might not have the appropriate coverage.  Is jewelry covered under my homeowners policy?

This is a hypothetical question, but it’s best to check the details of your specific policy.  Basic homeowners policies have limited coverage for jewelry. Depending on the value of the jewelry, you may want to purchase a Personal Articles floater, which provides additional coverage for jewelry higher in value. It’s best to contact us to see how much is covered under your basic policy.  We’d be happy to review your policy even if it’s from a different company.

Every time I rent a car the person at the counter asks me if I want to purchase rental car insurance.  If this something I need if I already have an auto policy?

All insurance carriers cover rental cars differently. Some may give a small amount of coverage and some do not. Don’t assume the car is covered.  It’s best to give your insurance broker a call to find out for sure. We’d be happy to check your coverage to help you understand what is covered in this situation.

What is the best way to get in touch with you if I want to discuss my insurance options?

Reach out to my team through our web site or give us a call.  We’re always happy to assist any clients or prospective clients.  We’re here to help!

Thanks for you time today Catherine!

No problem, thanks for inviting me.