Kenny Lam

” I strive to help each client understand how to get the best coverage to ensure that they have peace of mind.”

Kenny Lam

CSAA Agent

Kenny Lam is an insurance agent located in Eden Prairie. Kenny is an agent with CSAA. 

Kenny has over 9 years of experience in the insurance industry.  He has been selling policies to fit individual client needs with an emphasis on long-term relationship building as well as excellent customer service.  He has worked for top firms such as Nationwide and Liberty Insurance. Over his tenure at CSAA, he has been promoted from agent to sales manager in only three years due to his ability to maintain outstanding customer satisfaction ratings.

Kenny graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Business Administration.  Leveraging his business and sales knowledge as well as his interest in the healthcare field, Kenny starred as a sales agent for Nationwide after graduation.

In his current role at CSAA he oversees sales agents in the Twin Cities market.  In addition to managing claim submissions and developing marketing strategies to compete with other companies, he also examines all records to ensure consistency and efficiency.  He personally inspects property to assess damage for some clams in order to expedite the process.  His varied leadership skills as well as sales acumen have made him a very successful sales agent with a track record of success.

Kenny, where are your offices located?

We have offices in Woodbury, Lakeville and I’m located in the Eden Prairie office.

How did you get started in the insurance industry? 

I started as an intern.  I interviewed at Nationwide as an undergrad and was fortunate enough to be offered a position in their development program. From there I moved around and ended up at my current role with CSAA.

What did you do before you started working in insurance?

I started working in insurance right after graduating.  Prior to working my first insurance job I had experience in a variety of marketing and advertising opportunities. In college, I was the ad intern at the local radio station, where I designed event posters for local concerts and music festivals. Then I worked as a market research assistant, analyzing consumer data and drafting reports for the marketing director. My other positions allowed me to practice applying research to writing ad copy, social media posts and a few radio commercial scripts. 

How did you learn to differentiate your company from others?

If you sell to everyone, you sell to no one. I’ve learned this the hard way multiple times. The world is so big it is easy to get caught up in thinking that you can target anyone who breathes to buy your product. The truth is, not everyone is going to buy your policy and if you don’t get specific about who you are targeting, your message will never resonate with anyone.

In the insurance business, there are constant changes in the industry and with technology. We don’t give up each time we have to rethink our strategy. Instead, we constantly push to catch up and stay ahead which has allowed us to become laser-focused on what we do and who we serve. Ultimately, these challenges have made us a better company.

When faced with a challenge, we take advantage of what’s working and we’ll end up better off than we were before.  That’s sets us apart from our competition

What has been your most effective way to connect with your clients or prospective clients?

There’s a difference between knowing your market and really knowing your market. After working with hundreds of clients over the past 8 years, I now realize how much our market has evolved. In the past few years, I’ve learned that we can’t service every client in the same way, nor do they need to be serviced the same way. We originally thought that we could provide the same services to every customer, but given that our market is made up of different types of customers, our services should reflect this.

I take note of each customers’ preferences early on to ensure our business model satisfies the needs of that customer.

Now some frequently asked questions from our readers. 

If it’s raining out and water leaks into my attic.  I don’t typically go up there until I notice the paint on my bedroom wall forming a bubble.  When I poked the bubble and a bunch of water streamed out.  I checked in the attic and there were huge puddles of water.  Is that covered by my homeowners insurance?

I’d have to check your specific policy, but generally that would be covered under your homeowners policy.  Your policy would cover a water damage inspection and also cover equipment to dry out your attic and bedroom.  Typically you would owe your homeowners deductible and the insurance company would cover the cost of the dry out and reconstruction of any damage that occurred due to the water leaking from the attic to your bedroom.

My kid likes to play in the bathtub with his toys.  What if he turns on the water and leaves the tap running and we leave for a playdate.  When I get home I find the bathroom completely wet and the living room carpet completely soaked.  Is that covered or am I responsible?

Typically this is classified as an accident.  We would have to check your policy to make sure your specific example is covered under your policy.  As with your attic scenario, insurance would cover the cost for a restoration contractor to come out and inspect, dry and repair and damage related to the overflowing bathtub.

What is the best way to get in touch with you if I want to discuss my insurance options?

You can reach me directly by phone, email, Twitter or through our web site.

Thanks for talking with us today Kenny!